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The seeds are suitable for sowing in spring, summer and autumn.
the germination temperature is 18-30 ¡ã C, and the germination days are 7-10 days. The chrysanthemum is suitable for flower borders, cultivated on the edge of flower beds, and can also be potted for viewing, with loose management, brilliant flowering, neat and compact plant shape, and long flowering time.

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1. Seeding of grass flower combination seeds

1. Preparation before sowing

¢Ù Till the leveled soil to a depth of about 30-50cm to remove debris and loosen and level it well.

¢Ú Direct seeding with a small area, if the area is large and it is not easy to control the progress of the planting, first divide the plot to be planted into uniform areas. Equally divide into appropriate small portions, and then sow small portions of the seeds into the divided small pieces of soil. This spreads the seeds evenly.

¢Û Mix the seeds well before sowing to avoid uneven growth and distribution of the varieties due to uneven mixing.

¢Ü It is recommended to mix the prepared sand and soil thoroughly before sowing. Some seeds need to be soaked in water with different temperatures in advance.

¢Ý According to the pre-planned different proportion of seeding amount, directly and evenly spread on the arranged plots. It is a good way to soak the seeds in advance or mix them with moist sand. The ratio of mixed sand is sand: seed = 2: 1 or 3: 1.

2. Sowing method

¢Ù The method of sowing depends on the planting area and terrain. When the area is small, it can be planted by hand or by hand. Note that all Sowing evenly, a relatively fixed person can spread the seeds to get a relatively uniform sowing density. The mixed seeds should be sown while mixing the remaining,Sowing seeds to avoid uneven distribution caused by seed precipitation.

¢Ú After sowing, gently comb the sown area with a rake, or spread a thin layer of sand or fine soil on the sown seeds to make the seeds reasonably thick

The thickness of the cover should not exceed 0.5cm, and the thickness should not exceed twice the diameter of the seed. Generally, small seeds can be used without covering soil.

¢Û If planting in a large area, such as more than 5 acres, it is best to use seeding. The maximum line spacing of the broadcast is 6 meters.

¢Ü In order to increase the moisture retention of the soil or to avoid the damage caused by high temperature under special climatic conditions, you can cover the planted soil with grass curtains, non-woven fabrics or shading nets, which has been better Germination effect.

¢Ý After sowing, use compaction equipment to compact the soil, so that the soil and seeds can be better combined, as close as possible.

How can I increase the germination rate of wildflower combination seeds?

1. Select high-quality, full-grained seeds.

2. Select the land with sufficient sunlight and good drainage system for planting.

3. Preparing the ground in advance, weeding, fertilizing and watering. [Note the order]

4. The sowing depth should be kept at about 1 ~ 2 cm [sowing can be done]

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